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We have added some of our favorite movies for you to download via your Netflix PS3 system or your new Iphone 5 or Ipad. Technology has never made it easier to watch your favorite movies. Now you can download them to your computer, video game console Roku Player from Netflix and dvr.

Since time immemorial, movies are an integral part of human beings, be it in terms of entertainment, knowledge, messages or to raise some serious issue in the society. I am a movie lover. I watch movies of all types like romantic, action, comedy or art. Even though people deny the fact that movies play an important part in ones life, I firmly believe that human nature and behaviors are not only biased and influenced by movies but also are greatly affected and intangibly controlled by the movies they watch.

I am watching movies since there was only one channel on my black and white television and only two movies were telecast-ed every week by our national channel. But things have changed now. Getting movies online has become very easy and user-friendly. We can watch movies on internet by online streaming, by downloading or by renting. Although downloading movies is costly as we have to pay the charge of usage which includes all rights to keep the movie with us forever and to share among friends for no commercial purposes, I prefer this option because in this method I posses the movie and I can watch it anytime I want. Streaming media is yet useful and beneficial for those who cannot afford money to buy the movie. They just pay a nominal amount as a monthly or yearly subscription or on a per movie basis to the site owner who distributes the movie online.

There are many sites available on internet which provide movies on rent like Netflix. The basic concept is simple.

1. Register to the site by creating proper username and password.
2. Login to the site and choose the movie.
3. Choose the type of rent like downloading, streaming etc.
4. Pay per movie or subscribe for a month/year using your credit/debit card or by internet banking account.

Now you are there. You are a premium user of the site and now you have all the rights to choose, download or watch movie online as per your payment option.

Renting and downloading movies is catching up its peak since last two years. According to the latest survey report on a website the number of movies downloaded in the year 2009 is 12 times than that of year 2007. On the other hand the number of youtube videos seen on mobile devices has increased to 20 times in these last two years. It is definitely pointing towards a generation wherein mobile digital television (MDTV) or watching movies on mobile phones online will become a prime source of entertainment on mobile.

I feel that watching and downloading movies online is very good way to get access to entertainment and knowledge.

When I think about renting movie online the first companies that come to mind are netflix and Blockbuster, two of the most well known movie rental sites. Nexflix offers membership for a monthly fee. Members can either order movies sent through the mail postage free, or stream online movies and watch them on their PC. Netflix offers several plans, depending on how many movies one wants to rent each month. Nexflix offers a free trial membership for two weeks. Blockbuster online offers streaming pay per view or purchase and download of movies. Blockbuster offers many movies, pricing from $9.99 to $19.99 and TV shows and busic videos for $1.99. Blockbuster offers a one month trial membership. sells movies for download on your pc. The iTunes movie downloads will play in the iTunes media player, which is a free download. offers movies from the years 1961-2010 for download. Movies can be downloaded for $1.99 to $4.99 on this site. The mvlib site gives a tutorial about how to successfully download their movies, and offers free downloads of K-Lite Codec 5x, a video player (VLC 1.x), Flashget 1.9x(a download manager) and CD burner xp on their website. Here are some other movie download sites and what they have to offer: has 1000s of movies to download even if you suffer from glaucoma disease. They offer unlimited VIP membership for $11.65 per year. has a large selection of movies dating from the 1920's to now. Movies are as little as $1.99 each to download. offers pay per view movies, download to own, movies and high definition content. has a very extensive database with thousands of movies to download. MoviesCapital is very user friendly and their movie players have wonderful sound and picture quality. offers unlimited movie downloads at a very fast speed. You can start watching the movies as they download. Customer service is great for this site, and customer reviews indicate it is a great value for the price. offers the opportunity to watch and download thousands of movies for only $11.95. offers movies to download and watch for free. One gains access to the movies by filling out a free survey. After the survey is complete, they will enable the site content for the user.

There are ways to save money on movie downloads and make the downloads and viewing experience more pleasant. For starters, there are sime sites that charge a monthly feeplus a fee for each movie download. There are other sites thaz will chazrge only a one time fee for full service access. The one-time charge sites will be the most economical. It is also a good idea to look for sites that c an handle large downloads very quickly or you may end up waiting hours for a movie to download before you can watch it. You should also determine what types of movies you enjoy and look into the selection of movies offered by a site, to make sure they have what you like before signing up. It is also very important to find out what you'll need to do in order to download movies from a site. It may be an unpleasant experience of downloading proves to be very complicated, so check into this before choosing a movie site. Customer reviews are a good placer to look for information so be sure to find some customer reviews and see what others are saying about it. Customer service is very important. If you have problems downloading or gaining access to the movies you want, a customer service rep should be there to help you. Be sure to read policies about customer service, and also see what experiences other people have had with customer service of a company. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches by knowing beforehand. Finally, be sure to have updated antivirus and malware protection before you begin downloading.

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