Why did you rebuild the MovieQuotes site? While the old version of this site was happily chugging along it was never designed for the amount of traffic or quotes it was handling. The site began as a replacement for a game we were playing at work on the whiteboard in a friend's cube. When we were told to quit using the whiteboard I created the original site as an add-on to The Nitpickers Site. When the domain name became available I couldnt resist getting it and setting the site up as a stand alone. However, it was still limited by the original format of only guessing recent quotes, rather than all of them.

That was the prime motivation for the rebuild. As the rebuild was underway the ideas for rating quotes and scoring them formed and the rebuild grew into more than just the change in guessing lists. Hopefully everyone will agree that the new guessing interface, along with the other options is an improvement worth the long wait.

Is using the site still free? YES!
I have never charged visitors/users of the site and there are no plans to start now. Using the site as an anonymous or registered user is still absolutely free. Also, any information used for registration with this site is strictly confidential. Address and other registration information will never be released to any other site or organization.

Can anyone use the site? Anyone and Everyone is welcome to use this site. The Review/Guessing function has been modified to allow users to select the type of quotes they want to see (ie by rating and score). Hopefully this will make the site more friendly to people of all ages and tastes, while not forcing me to edit or limit what people submit.

Why are you using cookies on the site? Cookies were instituted in order to facilitate a number of functions such as registered logins, maintaining the list of quotes for review while you are guessing at particular ones, as well as keeping track of your score and rating preferences. I know cookies can be annoying sometimes, but they are the best way for this new layout to work. Cookies only contain enough information for the site to function, and are only valid for the session which is currently active.

What are the ratings on quotes? Ratings on quotes are similar to ratings on movies. They are to give people a guideline to the content of individual quotes. This will allow people who want to quote even the most offensive movie to do so, while allowing the visitor/user who doesnt want to be offended to avoid viewing those quotes.
Is this censorship? I dont think so. Ratings allow everyone to post and guess quotes on this site and have a good time. Ratings are voluntary, but mis-rated quotes will get lower scores and possibly be deleted.

What is a quote score? A quote's score is an indication of how highly, or lowly, (on a scale of 0-5) the moderators think of the quote overall. Quotes are scored on how accurate they are on the quote itself, the hints, and the rating. Most users will probably keep their score preference set at 2 or 3 in order to see quotes which have been moderated to higher scores. The intent is to rate/score quotes on how good of a quote they are.

What is Quote Moderation, and why bother with it? Quote Moderation is how the score for a quote is determined. From experience with the original layout of this site the quality of quotes submitted will vary greatly. In order to provide a way for regular users of the site to sort out the junk from the good ones, quotes are assigned a score which can be moderated either up or down. Also, junk quotes, or quotes which are moderated to a score of 0, are automatically deleted from the system.

Who can be a Moderator, and how is it done? Any Registered Quoter who positively contributes to the site can become a moderator. The system will keep track of 'positive contributions' and periodically supply Registered Quoters with moderation points. Each Mod Point can be used to add or subtract one score point from a quote. When a Registered Quoter has Mod Points the system will display the moderation form to the Quoter as he/she is guessing at quotes or reviewing quotes in the Repository. The Quoter then just has to select an option on the moderation form and hit the moderation button. The whole process has been designed to require minimal time and effort from the Quoter. Quoters who receive Mod Points are asked to change their score setting to 1 while they have Mod Points so they can review/moderate all available quotes.

Participation in the Moderation System is not required of any Registered Quoters. Any Registered Quoter can opt out of the system through a form in the Quoters Home. However, non-participants in the system cannot achieve Master Quoter Status.

What is Life Karma? Life Karma is a way for the system to track the overall positive contributions of a Registered Quoter to the site. The higher the score the more that Registered Quoter has contributed the your enjoyment of this site.

Who are Master Quoters? Master Quoters are Registered Quoters who have achieved a Life Karma rating of 6 or more. These are people who have contributed to the site through both their submissions to the site, and their assistance in the Moderation System. Master Quoters automatically recieve a high score on their submitted quotes, along with other benefits which are being developed even if you wee short on a movie ticket!.