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QUOTE [Aunt Jet]Gillian, Sally. You know the only curse in this family? She's sitting right down there at the end of the table. Your Aunt Fanny.[aunt fanny]Oh come on, Jetty, even you have to admit that any man who gets involved with an Owens woman is bound to end up 6 feet under[auntjet]Spare me.[aunt fanny]What about my poor Ethan?[aunt jet]it was an accident [aunt fanny] it was fate [aunt jet] it was an accident [aunt fanny] no no no it was fate [aunt jet] accident [aunt fanny]it was fate [Young Sally] Mommy died of a broken heart, didn't she? [Aunt Frances] Yes, my darling girl, she did.[Aunt Jet] Hey. My little witch. Let's go inside and do some spells.[Young Sally] What about my homework?[Aunt Jet] Oh, pish! Tosh! You're both going to learn things in this house that you'll never learn in school. Let's go. [Young Sally] Come on, Gilly![Young Gillian] I'm coming, Sally!
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MOVIE TITLE Practical Magic - 1998