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QUOTE [Aunt Frances]Good morning. Hello, boys. Oh Charlie! Looking good! God,what was I thinking? [Aunt Jet:] Oh, Franny, let it go. Oh, my goodness, Gillian's in Orlando! (to Sally) She's in Orlando! [Aunt Frances:] I guess that Roto-Rooter man's history. [Aunt Jet:] Well, according to that he is. [Sally:] This is insane. She keeps going through all these guys. [Aunt Frances:] Hopefully, someday she'll find a guy who'll go through her. [Aunt Jet:] Hello. Hello, darling, how are you? [Aunt Frances:] Oh, Jet, just give it up. [Aunt Jet:] Never. [Sally:] God, I miss her. [Aunt Jet:] Oh, sweetie! Oh, dear. [Aunt Frances:] Oh, Samson! Now, just knock it off. [Sally:] All I want is a normal life. [Aunt Frances:] My darling girl, when are you going to understand that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage. [Sally:] Well, it's what I want. [Aunt Jet:] You see this couple here? He's having an affair with the babysitter. And she can eat a poundcake in under a minute. ===EXT. GARDEN === [Aunt Jet:] What time is it? [Aunt Frances:] Any moment now. (to Sally) Where are you going, dear? [Aunt Jet:] Most excellent
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MOVIE TITLE Practical Magic - 1998