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QUOTE [Sally:] It was the curse, wasn't it? He died because I loved him so much! [Aunt Frances:] My poor little girl. We had no idea when we cast the spell. [Sally:] What spell? What are you talking about? Oh, you didn't. You didn't. Please tell me that my own flesh and blood.... [Aunt Jet:] It was just a little push. You wanted so much to be happy. [Aunt Frances:] We never expected that you would truly love him. [Sally:] Well, I did. And I want him back. You brought him into my life. Now I want you to bring him back. Bring him back! I have never asked you for anything! I have never asked you for spells, but do this! I know you can bring him back. [Aunt Jet:] No, dear. We won't do that! [Aunt Frances:] We don't do that. [Sally:] But you can. You can do this. I know you can. I remember. I found here when Mommy and Daddy died. [Aunt Frances:] Even if we did bring him back, it wouldn't be Michael. It would be something else. Something dark and unnatural. [Sally:] I don't care what he comes back as, as long as he comes back. Please do this for me. Please! Please! Please?
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MOVIE TITLE Practical Magic - 1998