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QUOTE [Gillian:] Hey. [Sally:] Hey. I was really, really happy. We were going to open up a botanical shop, where Mike would get all the ingredients and I would make the stuff. He really loved my mint-oatmeal shaving cream. He couldn't stop eating it. I'm sure all this is really boring to you, but he really made me laugh. [Sally:] Angelov? What kind of name is that? [Gillian:] Bulgarian. [Sally:] Bulgarian? [Gillian:] Mmmhmm. Yeah, he's from somewhere near Transylvania. He has this whole Dracula-cowboy thing about him. He's just so intense. I mean, he talks about our rerationship in terms of centuries. Sometimes we just stay up all night worshipping eachother like bats. Thank God for Jet's belladonna, or I'd never get any sleep. [Sally:] Why are you taking that stuff? [Gillian:] I'm not using it. I'm just giving it to him every now and then. That's all. [Sally:] So you're drugging your boyfriend to get a little shut-eye? Doesn't that seem a little strange to you? [Gillian:] Maybe. But he's strong. So much stronger than me. He can survive the curse. [Sally:] Yeah. [Gillian:] Do you forgive our mother? [Sally:] Sometimes. [Gillian:] Well, you'll never forgive yourself unless you get up and you get dressed, and brush your goddamn teeth, because your breath stinks, and you take care of those little girls. [Sally:] Yeah. You're right. [Gillian:] I love you. [Sally:] I love you too, Gillybean.
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MOVIE TITLE Practical Magic - 1998