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QUOTE [Aunt Frances :] All right, ladies, pick a broom from a circle. [Woman A :] Holy shit! [Woman B :] I've been strung out by a guy before, but this is ridiculous. [Aunt Jet :] Would each of you pick up your brooms? Hold them at staff length, handle to brush. Remember that as we go forth. It is only with our hearts beating as one that we can save the life of this child. (Aunt Frances starts spelling) [Woman C :] Are we supposed to say this? (Everyone spells to get rid of James's spirit from Gillian) [Sally:] Stop it! We're killing her. [Gillian(James):] Fight this, you bitch! [Sally:] Oh, God! Oh, God! Gilly! Gilly, Honey! [Gillian:] It's okay. I love you. [Sally:] Stay with me. [Gillian:] Please, just let him take me. [Sally:] No, you have to hold on. Gill, you have to stay with me. Gilly, No, stay with me. Gilly, No, stay with me. [Gillian:] No, he wants me. Just me. Everyone will be safe. Just let him take me. [Sally:] Don't die on me, Gilly Owens, please. Because we're supposed to die together, remember? The same time. You promised me that. And this is not that day. [Gillian:] I love you, Sally. [Sally:] Okay, wait. I've got it. Get them back in a circle. [Sally:] Hey, Jimmy, I got a worm with your name on it. You thirsty? Is this is what you want? Well, this ...you can't have. My blood. Your blood. Our blood. [Aunt Frances :] Maria's blood. Now! Push her in. [Sally:] I love you, Gillian. [Woman A:] We did it. [Aunt Frances :] Heads up. ladies. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. W[oman C :] I wonder if that would work on my ex-husband? [Woman A :] Come on, ladies, let's clean house! [Sally:] Through the kitchen. Follow me. [Woman A : ]Well done. [Sally:] Sweep him to the roses.
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MOVIE TITLE Practical Magic - 1998