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QUOTE (bart make phone-call from the school,when principal skinner make him to call homer.bart read the numberpaper and see ;moe,s tavern,) bart:is homer there? moe:homer who? bart:homer...sexual. moe:wait, i check. homer sexual. hey c,mon some of you guy,s got a be homer sexual!(everybody laugh,even homer!) homer:don,t look at me! (bart give phone to principal skinner) moe:argh! you ugly little punk1 if i ever ahold, i strike my teeths on your cheeck and rip your face off! skinner:you do what, young man? moe:wait a minute, hwo is that? skinner: i think the real question is hwo is that, and where,s homer simpson! moe:o,sorry principal skinner,sorry,i think we had bad connection. (to homer)it,s from the school,i think bart is in the trouble again. homer:d,oh!
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MOVIE TITLE Simpson's, The