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QUOTE (from the episode;shinning; parody of stanley kubrick,s shining. willie is working on the plat labyrinth,when he hear buzzing, and bart coming throw with the chainsaw.) bart:hey! i find shortcut to your hetchmay,s. willie:why you little...(thinking)no,no go easy with the wee one. he,s father going crazy and chop all them in to the haggis. bart:what,s haggis? willie:boy,you read my thougts. you got the shinning! bart:you mean shining? willie:shh..wanna get shoued? look boy,if your dad goe,s gaga, you just use that;shin; of yours,to call me and i come a running. but don,t be reading my mind between four and five. that,s willie,s time!
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MOVIE TITLE Simpson's, The