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QUOTE Jonny B: Raines....Memphis Raines huh?! Memphis:Do I know you? Jonny B: Well you should know me considering all the business you been screwing of me in the past baby. Memphis: Jonny B.. Jonny B: Dats Me Memphis: What can i do for you Jonny B: Well i'll tell you what you do for me...get outta Long Beach....tonite. Memphis: I'll be gone in 3 days, im just here on Family business Jonny B: Word on the street is Raymond Collitre hired you and your bruvva for a top order...dat order shoulda went to me.. Memphis: Thats not how it went down..
HINT 1 Jonny B
HINT 2 Get Outta Long Beach
MOVIE TITLE Gone in 60 Seconds - 2000