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QUOTE Travis:hey Wyatt do you think you could maybe talk to marco about always doin my face. you know in the WHAT video i established the (two finger down) face. and ever since then when you see marco he is doin my face. like on TRl hey carson (does the face) or like on kids choice awards this is ours thanks (does face). and right here on 17 magazine hey little girl. beauty secrets. its my face its MY face. Marco: hey travis am i doin (makes face)your face cause (doin face) God forbid (does face) i do your face (does face) cause its such a good face. wyatt: when we get back to the studio we will have the coreographer give you a new face. ok Marco: to bad ur mama couldnt give ya a good face
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MOVIE TITLE Josie and the Pussycats - 2000