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QUOTE Jane: Oh-my-god-ur penis is so big! Courtney: Good girl! Christina: your penis is so thick! Courtney: your penis is just so pretty! All: you've got a handsome dick! Christina: your penis, it's so hard! Courtney: your penis, its just so large! Christina: My body is a movie... All: ...and your penis is the star! uh-uh-uh! Christina: You're 2 big 2 fit in here... Courtney: ..2 big 2 fit in here-ow!... Jane: 2 big 2 fit in here...uh-uh-uh! All: You're 2 big 2 fit in here, 2 big 2 fit in here, 2 big 2 fit in here! (music 2 *I'm 2 Sexy*) All: What a lovely ride! Jane: your penis is a thrill! Courtney: your penis is a cadillac Christina: A giant coup-deville Courtney and JAne: your penis packs a wallop, your penis brings a load! Christina: and when it makes deliveries... Courtney and Jane: it needs its own zipcode! All: 9-double zero-penis! (Chorus): your 2 big 2 fit in here, 2 big 2 fit in here, 2 big 2 fit in here All:your penis is so strong,
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MOVIE TITLE Sweetest Thing, The - 2002