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QUOTE (Mr.Burns,Smithers,Carl and Lenny wathing the angrydad show in the net) Homer:(Laughing)That guy are hilarious!I a specialy like white shirt and blue pants...Wait a second...Angry Dad is me! Lenny:Yeah.Didnt you know? You have been famous for hour now. Carl:You are moust looking non-porno site! Lenny:What makes you top trillion over-all... Homer: what kind of moster humiliating like this? (after angrydad show follow the commerial, where bart voice say: this material was in by bartoon prentacion.disturbed by a carumba entairment.Angry dad: (roaring:)aaargghh!Homer get furios.) Homer:That little..Aaaaaaaaarrrgghh!(Homer jump in the car and drive in home)Homer:That stupid Bartoon...Hey,Bartoon,that,s glever,hihi.. Im gonna kill him!
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MOVIE TITLE Simpson's, The