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QUOTE Yeah, that hit was good. I promised myself another one before we got to London. Just the one, like, for old time's sake. Just to piss Begbie off. This was his nightmare. The dodgiest scam in a lifetime of dodgy scams. Being perpetrated with three of the most useless and unreliable fuck-ups in town. I knew what was going on his mind. Any trouble in London and he'd dump us immediately. One way or another he had to. If he got caught with a bag full of skag, on top of that armed robbery shit he was going down for fifteen to twenty. Begbie was hard, but not so hard he didn't shite it off twenty years in prison. This was to be my final hit. But let's be clear about this. There's final hits, and final hits. What kind was this to be?
HINT 1 Rents
HINT 2 on the bus to London
MOVIE TITLE Trainspotting - 1996