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QUOTE Russell Keys came home from the war like a lot of other soldiers. He was tired of fighting and he was very glad to be coming home. There were things that had happened to him and he knew he was not the same person he has been when he left. He had changed, and he wondered about all the things here at home that might have changed too, while he had been away. But sometimes when you go somewhere far away and then come back, the part that bothers you most, is not the things that have changed but the way that other things have stayed the same, like you hadn’t been anywhere or done anything at all. The kids still play ball in the vacant lot where he and his friends had played every summer. The high school band would still play every Friday night in the park downtown. And old Mrs. Parker would still be waiting as the kids came home from school, to yell at them if they stepped on her flowers. All of that might still be the same, but he was different, and so nothing would really be the same at all.
HINT 1 Keys
HINT 2 Allie
MOVIE TITLE Taken - 2002