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QUOTE I guess I always knew there was something different and me. But when all of this began to happen, when I started to be able to do things, it was kind of scary. Like in a dream where you start falling and it feels kind of good and you begin to wonder if you’ll ever be able to stop. We had come to the time I had always known was coming. I’d always had this feeling that one day I would have to do something very hard. I just hoped that I could find a way to do it without any one getting hurt. Most of the fights people have are about something simple. You want something the other person has, or maybe they’re afraid you’re going to want it and they go after you first. People always think that if they win, then that’s the end. Everything will be all right from then on. But everything changes, and tomorrow, the thing you were fighting for, will just be a memory. Like everything else, it’s already past. My mother used to sing to me a lot. Folk songs mostly and things she liked when she was a little girl. There was this one song called “ Further Along” that always made me feel better when I was sad. “Further along, we’ll know more about it. Further along, we’ll understand why. Cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine. We’ll understand it all by and by.” When you get to wondering too much about things, a song like that can really help. When I was very little, my mother would read nursery rhymes to me. I always hated Humpty Dumpty. That’s a very scary poem. No one knows how to put it back together again. Not all the kings horse or all the kings men. No one wants to think that there’s anything in the world that could fall apart that badly. But of coarse, anything can. I guess that’s what’s so scary about Humpty Dumpty. I had done what I could. I had tried to make the soldiers think that they’re plan to use me as bate had
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HINT 2 Allie
MOVIE TITLE Taken - 2002