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QUOTE Faith..what's going on, wine, candles come on? He proposed. Oh my gosh let me see the ring! You don't have it on? Shh! Oh, ow ow ow, I'm blind, I'm blind. For God's sakes I told my parents I'm engaged. Did he get he get down on his knees? Well, he turned down his beeper. Well that's good enough, what do you expect he's a doctor? He saves lives. He's a foot doctor. He saves feet, feet are important. Plus he's tall Faith your kids will be tall. He's a sweetheart you don't have to sell me on him, he's as good as gold. I'm just telling you what I told him that I wanted some time to reflect and that I'm going to say yes. What is it you are waiting for Faith? (Phone Rings) I'm not waiting.
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MOVIE TITLE Only You - 1994