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Hunchback of Notre Dame, The - 1996 Movie Quotes

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3225 1) You sneaky son of a 2) Uh uh're in a church 1) Are you always this charming or am I just lucky? (full quote)
  1) Hey, isn't that, uh, Feeble? 2) Doofus! 3) Phoebus! (full quote)
19618 Achilles, heel! (full quote)
Icea Hmm, let's see. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, so there's ten of you and one of me. what's a poor girl to do? (full quote)
Icea Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (full quote)
Icea No, you listen! All my life you have told me that the world is a dark, cruel place, but now I see that the only thing cruel about it is people like you! (full quote)
Icea justice! (full quote)
Icea Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky? (full quote)
Icea Then it appears we've crowned the wrong fool. The only fool I see--is you! (full quote)
Icea Gypsies don't do well inside stone walls. (full quote)
Icea what? what am I supposed to do!? Go out there and rescue the girl from the... from the jaws of death and the whole town will cheer like I'm some kind of a hero!? (full quote)
Icea But... at... at... at sunset I ring the evening mass, and... and after that I clean the cloisters and then... then I ring the vespers, and... whatever's good for you! (full quote)
Icea Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever! (full quote)
Icea The Festival of Fools! (full quote)
Icea ...Anne-Marie, Jean-Marie, and Louise-Marie...triplets, you know... (full quote)
Icea Will today be the day? Are you ready to fly? (full quote)
Icea 1. Oh, man! I thought he'd never leave! I'll be spittin' feathers for a week! 2. Well that's what you get for sleeping with your mouth open. (full quote)
Icea 1. Hey, hey, what gives? 2. Aren't you going to watch the festival with us? 1. I don't get it. 2. Perhaps he's sick! 3. Impossible. If 20 years of listening to you two hasn't made him sick by now, nothing will. (full quote)
Icea 1. As your friends and guardians, we insist you attend the festival. 2. Me?!? 3. No, the Pope. Of course, you! (full quote)
Icea *****, take it from an old spectator. life's not a spectator sport. If watchin's all you're gonna do, then you're gonna watch your life go by without you. (full quote)
Icea 1. Oh, dear, I'm sorry. Naughty horse, naughty! He's just impossible! Really, I can't take him anywhere. 2. Get this thing off me! 3. I'll teach you a lesson, peasant! 1. You were saying...Lieutenant? 3. Oh, Captain! At your service, sir! (full quote)
Icea Huh, ya leave town for a couple of decades and they change everything. (full quote)
Icea Excuse me, gentlemen, I'm looking for the Palace of justice. Would you-- (They completely ignore him)--hmmm, I guess not. (full quote)
Icea Stay away, child--they're gypsies. They'll steal us blind. (full quote)
Icea 1.Look, Captain--gypsies. The gypsies live outside the normal order. Their heathen ways inflame the peoples' lowest instincts, and they must be stopped. 2. I was summoned from the wars to capture fortune tellers and palm readers? 1. Oh, the real war, Captain, is what you see before you. For twenty years, I have been taking care of the gypsies, (full quote)
Icea Ladies and gentlemen, don't panic. We asked for the ugliest face in Paris, and here he is! Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame! (full quote)
Icea You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people. You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help. (full quote)
Icea 1. easy, easy--I just shaved this morning. 2. Oh, really? You missed a spot. (full quote)
Icea 1. Can't think of a better place for hand-to-hand combat! You fight almost as well as a man! 2. Funny. I was going to say the same thing about you! (full quote)
Icea You saw what he did out there, letting the crowd torture that poor boy. I thought if just one person could stand up to him, then... what do they have against people who are different, anyway? (full quote)
Icea 1. Give her some slack, then reel her in, then give her some slack, then reel her in, then give her some slack-- 2. Knock it off, ****--she's a girl, not a mackerel. (full quote)
Icea I'm really sorry about this afternoon. I had no idea who you were. I would never in my life the...stage. what is this place? (full quote)
Icea 1. I bet the king himself doesn't have a view like this! I could stay up here forever. 2. You could, you know. 1. No, I couldn't. 2. Oh, yes, you have sanctuary! 1. But not freedom. (full quote)
Icea 1. But you're not like other gypsies. They're...evil. 2. Who told you that? 1. My master, Frollo. He raised me. 2. How could such a cruel man have raised someone like you? 1. Cruel?!? Oh, no. He saved my life. He took me in when no one else would. I am a monster, you know. 2. He told you that? 1. Look at me. (full quote)
Icea 1. Give me your hand. 2. Why? 1. Just let me see. (Tracing his palm lines with her finger) Hmm, a long life line...oh, and this one means you're shy. Hmm. Hmm, hmm, hmm...well, that's funny... 2. what? 1. I don't see any. 2. Any what? 1. Monster lines. Not a single one. Now you look at me. Do you think I'm evil? 2. No, no, no! You are kind, and good, and-- 1. --and a gypsy. And maybe ******'s wrong about the both of us. 3. what did she say?!? 4. ******'s nose is long, and he wears a truss. 3. Hah! Told ya! (To fifth person) Pay up! (full quote)
Icea 1. Come with me. 2. what?!? 1. To the Court of Miracles. Leave this place. 2. Oh, no. I'm never going back out there again. You saw what happened to me today. No. This is where I belong. (full quote)
Icea 1. If you ever need sanctuary, this will show you the way. 2. But how? 1. Just remember: When you wear this woven band, you hold the city in your hand. (full quote)
Icea I had a little trouble with the fireplace. (full quote)
Icea 1. Burn it. 2. what!?!? 1. Until it smolders. These people are traitors and must be made examples of. (1. hands 2. a torch.) 2. With all due respect, sir, I was not trained to murder the innocent. 1. But you were trained to follow orders. (2. takes the torch and douses it in a bucket of water.) 1. Insolent coward. (full quote)
Icea Don't waste your arrows. Let the traitor rot in his watery grave! Find the girl! If you have to burn the city to the ground, so be it! (full quote)
  What makes a monster and what makes a man? (full quote)
  Frollos nose is long and he wears a dress! (full quote)
  im free! im free! DANG IT! (full quote)
  why do people put ****** for frollos name? thats retarded (full quote)
  I miss my goat. (full quote)
  1)Leave me alone! 2) Okay, we'll leave you alone. 3) After all we're only made out of stone. 4) We just thought maybe you where made out of something stronger. (full quote)
  No one wants to be cooped up here forever (full quote)
18805 Oh look, a mime...(starts to hawk a lugie) (full quote)
18805 Go scare a nun. (full quote)
18805 Time to pour the wine and cut the cheese! (full quote)
18805 I'm free, I'm free--DANGGIT! (full quote)
18805 1) Look at that disgusting display. 2) Yes sir!! (full quote)
18805 You're very clever to have found our hideaway. Unfortunately, you won't live to tell the tale. (full quote)
18805 1) Is this the Court of Miracles? 2) Offhand, I'd say it's the Court of Ankle-deep Sewage. (full quote)
18805 1) If I got caught... 2) Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. (full quote)
18805 1) good morning, sir. Are you feeling all right? 2) I had a little trouble with the fireplace. (full quote)
18805 Hmmm. Feels like a 1470 Burgundy. Not a good year. (full quote)
18805 1) Maybe Frollo's wrong about the both of us. 2) (eavesdropping) what did she say? 3) Frollo's nose is long, and he wears a truss. 2) Ha! Told ya. Pay up. (full quote)
18805 DON'T YOU EVER MIGRATE?! (full quote)
18805 1) A? 2) Abomination. 1) B? 2) Blasphemy? 1) C? 2) C-C-Contrition. 1) D? 2) Damnation? 1) E? 2) Eternal damnation! 1) good. F? 2) Festival. 1) [nearly chokes] Excuse me? 2) F-F-Forgiveness! (full quote)
18805 1) Speaking of trouble, we should have run into some by now. 2) what do you mean? 1) You know, a guard, a booby trap... [his torchlight promptly goes out, leaving them in darkness] 1) ...or an ambush. (full quote)
18805 Why is it, whenever we meet, I end up bleeding? (full quote)
Icea 1. Hey, when things cool off, she'll be back. You'll see. 2. What makes you so sure? 3. Because she likes you. We always said you were the cute one. 1. I thought I was the cute one! 3. No, you're the fat, stupid one with the big mouth! (full quote)
Icea 1. That family owes you their lives. You're either the single bravest soldier I've ever seen, or the craziest. 2. Ex-soldier, remember? Why is it, whenever we meet, I end up bleeding? 1. You're lucky. That arrow almost pierced your heart. 2. I'm not so sure it didn't. (full quote)
Icea Good, good, good! Ahhh. Great! what is it? (full quote)
Icea 1. Citizens of Paris! ****** has persecuted our people, ransacked our city! Now he has declared war on Notre Dame herself! Will we allow it?!? (Crowd:) No! (full quote)
Icea Silence, you old fool! The hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to. And this time, you will not interfere. (full quote)
Icea 1. I should have known you'd risk your life to save that gypsy witch. Just as your own mother died trying to save you. 2. what!?! 1. Now I'm going to do what I should have done twenty years ago! (full quote)
Icea And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit! (full quote)
Icea 1. Listen, they're beautiful, no? So many colours of sounds, so many changing moods. Because, you know, they don't ring all by themselves. 2. They don't?!? 1. No, silly boy. Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower, lives the mysterious bell ringer. Who is this creature? 2. Who? 1. what is he? 2. what? 1. How did he come to be there? 2. How? 1. Hush! 2. Ohhh... 1. And ****** will tell you. It is a tale, a tale of a man and a monster.... (full quote)
47213 I ask for nothing, I can get by. But I know so many less lucky than I! (full quote)
DisneyFreak Person 1: You fight almost as well as a man. Person 2: Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you. (full quote)
DisneyFreak Person 1: Why is it, whenever we meet, I end up bleeding? Person 2: You're lucky. That arrow almost pierced your heart. Person 1: [holding her hand to his heart] I'm not so sure it didn't. (full quote)
DisneyFreak Person 1: easy, easy. I just shaved this morning. Person 2: Oh, really? You missed a spot. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) I Thought I Was The Cute One. 2) No, You're The Fat, Stupid One With The Big Mouth! 3) what Are You Saying, Exactly? (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Take It From Us, Quasi. You've Got Nothing To Worry About. 2) Yeah. You're Irresistible. 3) Knights In Shining Armour Cartainly Aren't Her Type. 4) And Those Guys Are A Dime A Dozen. But You? You're One Of A Kind. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) And He Shall Smite The Wicked And Plunge Them Into The Fiery Pit! (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Three Cheers For Quasimodo! (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Oh, It Doesn't Look good. 2) It's Hopeless. Absolutely Hopeless. 3) You're Telling Me. I'm Losing To A Bird. (full quote)