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Clay Pigeons - 1998 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
evilroy Barney! Could you not poke the body with the stick, please? (full quote)
  Go Ahead, I'll just deny it. Who are they gonna believe, you or the widow? (full quote)
  Don't hit me or nothin,just wanna play pool. (full quote)
  A Lot of people start off hot, then I;m kinda the fireman, I cool them down a little bit. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper I'm Lester Long...Lester the mole-lester. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper Jesus Christ Clay, light a match or somethin'will yea. That is not decent in a boat like this. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper Well, Fuck Me. Man overboard! Man overboard! Alarm!? (full quote)
Orlikidnapper Oh man, it gets uglier and uglier don't it? I love the open water man. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper 1. Promise me something will you. 2. what's that? 1. Promise you'll stop finding dead people. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper Oh I went over to that Doc Holidays, looking for a little of the shuss, the bad, and there she was. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper your deputy's name is Barney? That's great. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper You know if I go down, you go with me. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper Patience buddy, can you try that? The big P word, Patience? (full quote)
Orlikidnapper You know ole Lester Long never forget a friend. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper I am not your friend. (full quote)
Orlikidnapper Yoou don't know the half of it. I'm like a big fireworks shows. I'm pretty bright. Like a Lite Brite. (full quote)
6669 1- I'm not your friend. 2- Sure 'ya are, fishin' buddy! (full quote)
  My name ain't cowboy (full quote)
18219 C'mon Clay, now you know I couldn't have that deputy dawg waking up with a loaded gun. You got one, use it. (full quote)
34992 My name ain't cowboy (full quote)
Thumper " I read somewhere, that If you were to fly faster than the speed of light, and you went way out into outer space, and If you had a really powerful telescope you could look back at the Earth and see DINOSAURS" ! that's funny shit (full quote)