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Excess Baggage - 1997 Movie Quotes

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  daddy he made me touch his pennis! (full quote)
8330 But daddy..he made me touch his penis (full quote)
12153 Uncle Ray: Am I such a bad guy? Have I hurt you? Have I shot you? In the groin? Vincent: Are those options? (full quote)
12153 Vincent: We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Emily: what's the hard way? Vincent: It's harder. It's harder than the easy way. That's what I know. (full quote)
12153 Vincent: How stupid do you think I am, huh? Emily: How stupid is there? (full quote)
12153 Vincent: I once stole a Ferrari with a Chihuahua in the back. He made less noise than you do. (full quote)
12153 Vincent: How old are you? Emily: Twelve. Vincent: Okay. If you say so. (full quote)
12153 Vincent: Do you know the best way to make a dream come true? Do you? Wake up. (full quote)
12153 Yeah, right. That's what I'll do, give my car keys to a car thief. (full quote)
15791 Emily:Daddy...He made me touch his penis..Vincent:Touch what?Emily: I didnt wanna call him anyway. (full quote)
16680 Emily- Daddy he made me touch his penis. (Vincent after hangin the phone up)- Touch What?? (full quote)
16227 Do you have a boyfriend? -No. I mean your a pretty girl. Watch the road! I mean you are. -Do you have a girlfriend? No. -Why? Because I always see the potential of failure. (full quote)
16227 I've known this girl for two days and your telling me I care more about her than you? (walks away) You son of a bitch. You should have sold her when she was born. (full quote)
16227 Screw the two thousand dollar! I want a million! (full quote)
16227 I got a twinkie in the car... it's all yours. (full quote)
16227 Please, make this call for me. I've been nice to you. -You've been nice to me? Under the circumstances, yea. -I dont know, its been a tough day. You stole my car, put me in your trunk, and left me in the wilderness. (full quote)
16227 I have rum, teqeuila, and rum. Rum and tequilla. what would you like? -You don't have to be drunk to kiss me. Well I'm not drunk. (full quote)
16227 I see you both graduated from the same public speaking school. (full quote)
16227 Let me ask you something. Do you have the key? Do you? -It's always in the boot. (full quote)
16227 How old are you? (drinks wine) Old enough. (full quote)
16227 Oh great, shes a alcoholic too? (she chugs down scotch on the rocks) Drink much?! (said sarcastically) (full quote)
16227 what you you gotta go to Knotty Pine for? (full quote)
16227 Do you like my tummy? -Yea, its nice. Do you like my laugh? -And your smile. I know you like my car. -Well you know, me and your car never really got that close. So, I guess you like me? (full quote)
16227 Do you think i got this from playing racket ball? (full quote)
16227 You know your a real screwy kid, you know that? (full quote)
16227 (Lights a ciggarette) Put that out! -Put what out? Put that out on the ash tray or door handle! -Alright alright. (tosses it in a clothing basket) (full quote)
16227 (referring to her car) I'm getting it back. I dont want it painted some shit brown color either. (full quote)
16227 You steal cars. You probably get a hard on doing it. (full quote)
16227 Vincent, John Dough... drop me off at the next motel. (full quote)
16227 I'm Uncle Ray. -Is that supposed to mean something to me? -Emily's Uncle Ray. (full quote)
16227 Did I surprise you? -Yeah, I like that a lot. (full quote)
16227 He's my body guard. (full quote)
16227 She's got some ass. -Ur mothers got some ass. --what's your name? Stick. Stick, drive! And watch your mouth... I'm her Uncle. (full quote)
16227 How am I supposed to explain eighteen years of being unwanted? I've always been a comodity to him... (full quote)
16227 what are you running away from? -I'm not running away. C'mon C;mon we both know your running away from something... why'd you put yourself in the trunk? -Oh, your talking about that... (full quote)
16227 I was trying to make my father feel. -Feel what? Anything... (full quote)
16227 This is not stealing a car... this is a human being!! Are you on drugs?! (full quote)
16227 Screw the 2 thousand dollas! I don't need all this stress and anxiety for 2 grand. I want a million! (full quote)
16227 You two would make a great couple... like Bonnie and Clyde. (full quote)
16227 You want to make money to go on the run and make more money?! Vincent, I've had that my whole life and it doesnt mean shit! (full quote)
  Vincent : Bang! Don't do it. Wham! You know what I'm saying? I find the owner in the trunk. (full quote)
  Do you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna drive myself to the police station and then I’m gonna turn myself in so they can lock me up right there. ‘Cause I’d rather be there than sitting here with you, all right. (full quote)
  [CRASH] There goes the medicine cabinet. (full quote)
16227 Were gonna get caught I know it, I have a feeling. -Were not gonna get caught, just act like you own the car. How do I do that? -Act like you know where your going. where are we going? -Knotty Pine. (full quote)
16227 I just got robbed of 2 thousand dollars. I enjoyed it. (full quote)
16227 Sit down. I have to decompress. (full quote)
16227 I aint going with you and you can't make me! I should never have married you Raymond Perkins! My daddy made me do it! I was too young! He done me wrong! He beat me! (full quote)
16227 That guy landed on his head.. (full quote)
16227 So I have to go home, get your money, then what? -Then what? You can come with me... No, I dont want to untrude. I have my own plans. -I'm telling you flat out if you want to come you can come. And I'm not making a pass at you. (full quote)
16227 I got ink all over my shirt. I was playing witha hotel pen and it broke. -You can send some postcards. (full quote)
16227 Emily? How did you get this number? -Well I figured you couldnt work at home with all the phone lines tapped... you either had to be with one of your girlfriends or on the boat. You always were a smart girl. Smart enough to know I have to be out of the country tomorrow. (full quote)
16227 Are you telling me you formed some kind of relationship with this guy? He's a theif. -He's a innocent theif. (full quote)
16227 Vincent, go over there.. your giveing me a headache. (full quote)
16227 How did you lose the money? -The hhopper blew it away. -Jesus Christ, we lost the suspect and the money. (full quote)
QuadCityRockNRoll There's some postcards in the room. You can write on 'em. (full quote)