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National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation - 1997 Movie Quotes

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  1.Welcome everyone,im your dam tour guide Arnie. Im about to take you through at fully functional power plant.So please no one wonder off the dam tour, and feel free to take all the dam pictures you there any dam questions?? 2. yea! where can i get some dam bait (full quote)
  Get your own monkey ! (full quote)
1212 Its a lock of my hair. (full quote)
1212 1)what can I do with $5.00? 2)I don't know. Buy a bullet and RENT a gun!!! (full quote)
1212 1)No corrective lenses tonight? 2)No, I do not require them...But you do. (full quote)
1212 1)It means 'Thank you'. 2)Yes, 'Thank you' in German. 1)OH!! (full quote)
1212 1)Did you see the way the whole plane applauded? 2)If you guys wanna use the bathrooms here, we'll wait. (full quote)
1212 best buck 49 buffet in town. (full quote)
1212 Clark, if you're thinking of buying me a Cadillac--don't. I won't take it. (full quote)
1212 I put a dollar in, I won a car. I put a dollar in, I won a car. I put a dollar in, I won a car. I put a dollar in, I won a car. (full quote)
1212 1)This tour gets better every week. 2)Yeah. Fishin's been better though. Remember when I got that puffer fish? (full quote)
1212 where the hell's the damn dam tour? (full quote)
1212 Pick a number?! I'm great at that! Coin toss!! Eddie, these are my games!! (full quote)
1212 Pick a number?! I'm great at that! Coin toss!! Eddie, these are my games!! (full quote)
1212 Next stop: Wayne Newton's house! (full quote)
1212 Clark, its not the way it looks. We were just having pasta. (full quote)
1212 1)You have got to be kidding me. 2)Oh, why don't you go sing something! (full quote)
1212 1)I'm with you, baby. 2)Then lets go get our kids! (full quote)
1212 1)Is there a charge for valet parking? 2)No! 1)Then park it! (full quote)
1212 1)Is there a charge for valet parking? 2)No! 1)Then park it! (full quote)
1212 1)Hey, you told me to get a summer job! 2)what?! Ten years of tap dance lessons and this is how you repay me?! (full quote)
1212 Oh, my little baby boy! (full quote)
1212 1)His name is not Pappageorgio. His name is Rusty Griswald and he's a C+ student! (full quote)
1212 1)I'm looking for this underage kid named Pappageorgio. Have you seen him? 2)Yes, he stole my wallet. He's back there. (full quote)
1212 1)Dad, what about my tuition?! 2)You said you were gonna buy me a snowboard! (full quote)
1212 I've got...$2.00. (full quote)
1212 I've got $2.00. Clark, get our money back. (full quote)
1212 And your final number: 54. (full quote)
12573 1)She's gonna break a lot of hearts. 2)She's gonna break something (full quote)
1212 1)what are you gonna do if you win? Run away? 2)You're the most boring person to travel with. 1)Okay, you want five bucks--here's five bucks. (full quote)
1212 1)Yeah, Dad, what block are we on? 2)Very funny, Russ. (full quote)
  Are you feeling lucky tonight, Sparky? (full quote)
15085 Who knew, my sister has the legs of a thoroughbred? Am I right? Am I right? (full quote)
  its a bust! las vegas bud police, hand over your chips! (full quote)
17471 Welcome to the dam tour. I am your dam tour guide. Now you can take all the damn pictures that you like. Dont worry about the dam water coming in the holes in the dam walls. (full quote)
  Russ, don't think unpure thoughts about your cousin (full quote)
  1.) Kids, remember when you were babies? 2.) (full quote)
17856 I'll have some of that there yella'...and don't you get cheap on me ya hear? (full quote)
18441 1-Now, take all the dam pictures you want. Before we start, does anyone have any dam questions? 2-Yeah, where can I gt some damn bait? (full quote)
  The last time I saw a beating like that was when I put a banana in my pants and turned a bunch of monkeys loose (full quote)
  So I says to him, I says. Getch your own monkey. (full quote)
  #1-Heart 6 coming up. #1-Hit Me! #2-what!(hits #1) (full quote)
  Eddie to Wayne Newton) Do you need a body guard? I'd die for ya. (full quote)
  Who knew my sister had the legs of a I right? Am I? (full quote)
  This Bread Puddin' is EX-tra runny tonight! (full quote)
  I haven't seen a beating like that since they turned a monkey loose and stuck a banana down my pants. (full quote)
  I won the money! The money is mine. (full quote)
  I don't know.... but it's BEAUtiful! (full quote)
  My pen burst in the..altitude. (full quote)
  If you need daddy..I'll be rolling the dice! (full quote)
  Smile Kid, youre in Vegas. Now stick your head in the hole and say Joey Heatherton (full quote)
  Holy crap,Wayne Newton's hitting on Mom. It's all aprt of the act,Russ (full quote)
10929 good Vibrations. (full quote)
10929 Born To Be Alive. (full quote)
10929 Come Fly With Me. (full quote)
10929 Holiday Road. (full quote)
10929 Hey Girl. (full quote)
10929 Ain't That A Kick In The Head. (full quote)
10929 Once In A lifetime. (full quote)
10929 You're lucky you got air conditioning in here like Mother Nature intended. (full quote)
10929 Read it, Griswald. That sign isn't there to hold the table down. (full quote)
10929 -Don't you guys knock anymore? -I thought I heard fighting. Where's mom? (full quote)
10929 Isn't there legalized prostitution in Vegas? (full quote)
10929 You guys are growing up so fast, I hardly recognize you anymore. (full quote)
10929 -You got lovely wife, Clark. -Yes. That's why I entered into the sacred bonds of marriage with her. (full quote)
10929 -Holy crap! Wayne Newton's hittin' on Mom! -It's all part of the act, Russ. (full quote)
10929 -Eddie, don't you know you're bad luck? -Those were my mother's dying words. But I guess if your body's covered in third degree burns and your foot's caught in a bear trap, you tend to start talkin' crazy. (full quote)
beekers I won! I won da money! (slumps over for a second) I won da money! (full quote)
21465 Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! (full quote)
Marvin Acme where would you like the car sent,Mr. Pappagiorgio? (full quote)
Marvin Acme You're in food preservatives?what a gas. (full quote)
Marvin Acme Bet with the bank. Bet with the player. Nine is a natural. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Kid, you made mea lot of money tonight, Jilly from Philly. #2- Nick Pappagiorgio from Yuma. #1- Nick Pappagiorgio from Yuma,you like getting massaged? (full quote)
27700 1.Holy crap Wayne newton is hitting on mom! 2. It's all part of the act Russ. 3. your a lucky man. I've been coming to all of Wayne Newtons concerts for 15 years and he's never done anything like this. (full quote)
36580 Shrimp Cocktail 29 Cent! (full quote)
36580 Have you ever swam with the dolphins? Them things are hard to catch! (full quote)
36580 Helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon, see it the way God does. (full quote)
36580 I'm not through with you yet Bingo. Now stick your head in the hole and say Joey Heatherton. (full quote)
36580 Welcome to the Mirage Mr. Pappageorgio, my name is Dean. (full quote)
36580 1) where did you get all that stuff? 2) The Minstral at the Promenade, ask for Ceasar. (full quote)
36580 I'm sorry about the tablecloth, Rusty's never had that reaction to poultry before. (full quote)
36580 Nice place for a pearl necklace. (full quote)
36580 Nineteen. So close. (full quote)
36580 I don't care if you ruined my life, I love you. (full quote)
36580 You know what's been driving me crazy? Those Goddamn Baccarat tables. (full quote)
46800 It is a blazer out there. You're lucky you got air conditioning in here like mother nature intended. (full quote)
Rigormortis OH, MY, GOD, it's Wayne Newton.... do you have a bodyguard? I'd die for you (full quote)
shesbad I Smoke. Don't tell me I have a problem. Your the problem. I smoke to deal with you (full quote)