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Traffic - 2000 Movie Quotes

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  1- Is that like free-base?? 2-No, it IS free-base. (full quote)
4636 1)I got laid for the first time on a beach like this 2)You got what? 3)Laid...I lost my virginity. I was a sophomore in high school. 4)Did he treat you good? (full quote)
4940 It's such a fatty bird. (full quote)
4940 It's easier for people my age to get drugs than it is to get alcohol. (full quote)
6391 Get out of the car and shoot him in the Head. (full quote)
4858 1)You're fucked. 2)No. He's FUCKED! (full quote)
4858 !Que chingon! (what a badass!) (full quote)
4858 For your information, when I jack off, I'm not just thinking about Caroline. I'm thinking about you with Caroline. (full quote)
4858 Well, she has a way of self-medicating that I'm sure is very familiar. (full quote)
4858 1)What are your policies on treatment of addiction? 2)Treatment of addiction . . . addicts treat themselves. They overdose, and there's one less to worry about. (full quote)
4858 Everybody likes baseball. Everybody likes parks. (full quote)
4858 1)No long distance calls, all right? 2)Use 1-800-CRIMINAL if you do. (full quote)
4858 I don't really like guns. You shoot somebody in the head two or three times, and some pinche doctor is trying to keep them alive. (full quote)
4858 Carl is very, very good at his business . . . (whispers) which is smuggling illegal drugs into this country. (full quote)
4858 Looks like they're conspiring to conspire. (full quote)
4858 This could be the last chance to do this. Now get out of the car and shoot him in the head. Just shoot him! (full quote)
4858 1)That's good coke. 2)It should be. It's yours. (full quote)
4858 You worry about getting me what I want. I'll worry about myself. (full quote)
4858 You're telling me white people would still be going to law school? (full quote)
4858 You got nice shit. Drug money buys alot of nice shit, Carl. (full quote)
4858 I have actually dreamed about this. Busting the top people. Rich people. White people. (full quote)
4858 1)You should feel good about this. 2)I feel like a traitor. (full quote)
4858 Quiero chingar el cartel de Tijuana. (full quote)
7857 Law enforcement in Mexico is an entrepreneurial activity. (full quote)
10984 I want to fuck you. I wanna take a hit when we both cum. (full quote)
11689 If there is a war on drugs, then many of our family members are the enemy. And I don't know how you wage war on your own family. (full quote)
12774 I only have one drink and that's before dinner to take the edge off. Otherwise I'd die of boredom. (full quote)
14310 I believe it is important that we work together: Mexico and the United States. One hand washing the other. (full quote)
Garney Not IN, the doll IS cocaine. (full quote)
Garney You like baseball? We need lights for the parks, so kids can play at night. So they can play baseball. So they don't become burros para los malones. (full quote)
  that's good coke (full quote)
  I wanna have sex and have a hit as we're both cumming. Ok. (full quote)
  Carl is very very good at his business---- which is smuggling illegal drugs into this country (full quote)
vanilla If there is a war on drugs, then many of our family members are the enemy. And I don't know how you wage war on your own family. (full quote)
10929 We're just here to listen. (full quote)
10929 2GAT123 (full quote)
cpesojpeso + [hands her a mirror with cocaine on it] You first. = I'm six months pregnant, I won't do it. + Then we don't have a deal. = Yeah, right, we don't have a deal. I'm sorry to have wasted your time ... +Okay. Okay, okay. [sniffs cocaine] + That's good coke. = It should be... it's yours. (full quote)