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Mission to Mars - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4066 I'm sorry (name) isn't here right now.. HE LEFT FOR EARTH 5 MINS AGO! (full quote)
8589 Ok, we're ready to light this candle (full quote)
8589 We're trying not to go too nuts up here (full quote)
8589 We may have found the key to perminent human colonisation (full quote)
9316 critical systems alert! (full quote)
10110 TERRI: There's pressure in here. That's impossible! JIM: We're millions of miles from Earth, inside a giant, white face. What's impossible? (full quote)
  I love you! See how much i love you... (full quote)
Cryslin 1: My baby 2: Hmm? what is it now? 1: A frog? (full quote)
Cryslin Yeah and drifting for eternity would ruin your day. (full quote)
Cryslin 1: Has it been tested? 2: Are you kidding? This equitment is way to exspensive. 2: Do it (full quote)
Cryslin Hey I don't like it any more then you do. (full quote)
Cryslin Don't like the dark. Need some lights, need some lights. (full quote)
Cryslin Or his entire crew died and he's been marooned on Mars for a year. (full quote)
Cryslin 1: But that 3% gives you, Ienstine, Motzart... 2: Jack the Ripper 3: Yeah he's right (full quote)
Cryslin Guys I don't know what the hell we just did but does that lok like a hostile gesture to you? (full quote)
Cryslin I didn't come 180 million miles just to turn back in the last 10 feet. (full quote)
Cryslin Were millions of miles from Earth, in a gient white face, what's imposable? (full quote)
Cryslin Fil isn't here right now, he left for Earth 5 minuets ago! Please leave a message after the beep!! (full quote)
Cryslin 1: Dear God, look at that! 2: Is that him? 3: Have a great ride Jim (full quote)
10929 Dance the night away. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo You are saying,it came out of the top of the mountain? (full quote)
marvin mcgoo This is what I was born for. (full quote)