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Essex Boys - 2000 Movie Quotes

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10110 You ARE fuckin' billy Whizz! (full quote)
10110 Mr Dyke: What do you think of Jason? Billy: I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of him. He's an 18 carat nutter. (full quote)
10110 Lisa: How'd it go? Jason: Total disaster. Couriers got arrested, lost the gear, Pete lost his money. Couldn't have gone much better really, could it? (full quote)
10110 Jason: What was her name again Billy? That little blonde one at the club? Billy: Suzy. Jason: She had a beautiful little arse. You get her number for me yeah? It's either her arse or yours Billy Whizz. (full quote)
10110 It's moments like this that either make you or break you. Either you live with it, or you crack up. Now which one's it going to be? (full quote)
10110 Perry: Are you taking me for a cunt John? John: Perry, that was a one off. Perry: Are, you, taking me, for a cunt? It's a simple little question. John: No no of course not. Perry: Well listen. Take my advice and fuck off. Before I lose my temper alright? John: Perry! You can't just cut me out! Perry: Can't? Can't? You just watch me. You know the minute that you do business with those fuckers you become dirty. I can no longer trust you. So now, you're gone. (SPIT) FUCK OFF. Nothing personal John. (full quote)
10110 Jason: There's no need for this John. You can keep it all. Dyke: Oh Jason you foolish, greedy boy. There are no drugs. There is no plane. You want to mess with me, you're not in the same league. Jason: I thought we were mates. I looked after you in prison. Dyke: I'm a man of honour Jason. I always pay my debts. Jason: Please, this is silly. Dyke: Billy, you said you wanted to know how far this was going to take you... (racks pump action) Billy: NO DON'T! Jason: NO NEED JOHN! BOOM!! (full quote)
  I remember my childhood, freezing cold on a southend pier with me knickers round me ankles! (full quote)