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Josie and the Pussycats - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3605 The walls are all mushy! (full quote)
3605 I swear on my bus pass! (full quote)
5447 No matter what happens or how famous we become we'll always be friends first, rock stars second (full quote)
5530 If I could go back in time, I'd wanna meet Snoopy. (full quote)
  There's this guy at work that reaks! (full quote)
  If ur happy and u know it clap ur hands(clap, clap) (full quote)
  I am a trend pimp! (full quote)
4358 I'm a punk rock prom queen... (full quote)
4358 Blue is the new orange! (full quote)
4358 Who's a rock star? (full quote)
  Holy shit that girl has a skunk on her head...oh, it's your hair....i'm sorry.....but that's messed up (full quote)
  Person 1: I still don't understand why you're here... Person 2: Cause I was in the comic book. Person 1: what? Person 2: Nevermind. (full quote)
  Who's rockstar?I am (full quote)
4182 Bite Me Bambi! (full quote)
4182 1-When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And when the going gets tough... 2-The tough make lemonade! (full quote)
4182 I want a big mac! (full quote) know hes lying. 2. you know your flies undone 1.well you..suck (full quote)
  1. you know hes lying. @. you know your flies undone. 1. well you...suck (full quote)
4364 It's too bad your mama couldn't give you a good face. (full quote)
4364 That's wickety wack wyatt. That's wickety wack. (full quote)
4364 1)Oh my god, it's Carson! 2)Oh my god, it's Melodie! (full quote)
2049 #1-Lisa? #2-What did you call me? #1-Lisping Lisa? #2-That'th what they uthed to call me in high thcool. (full quote)
8251 1) He poo on my instrument, he poo on my peace balls, he poo on my pictures!! 2) Hey, he got the respect not to poo!! 3)Now, calm donwn. 4) Okay, look at this, he stole my face. (Does face) On TRL, 'Oh, Hi Carson' the face! On Kid's Choice Awards, 'Thanks, this is ours.' the face! On cover of Seventeen, 'Hi, girls, wanna know beauty secrets?' the FACE!! It's my face, it's MY face!!! 3)Okay, we'll the the choreagrapher to make you a new face. 5)Too bad your mama couldn't give you a good one. (full quote)
  1) They're special. 2) Yeah! Special Ed! (full quote)
7869 what did you just say? (full quote)
  My Bad! (full quote)
4364 Oh my God! That's Mr. Moviephone! (full quote)
9841 1-When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, and when the going get tough-2-The tough make lemonade! 1-Right. Glad that we're all on the same page (full quote)
9841 Eye contact! Hand! Eye contact! Hand! (full quote)
9936 Puppies turn into dogs, who get old AND DIE! (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut Orange is the new pink. (full quote)
  it's ok if your don't like it, its awesome if you do (full quote)
  Carson: if i dident have to kill u we could tottlay date? mel: ya thank carson: yeah that would be so cool..... (hit) (crash) Mel: yeah like id ever go out with a guy like u Mel : now u on the otherhand.. Me; ( sweetly) bye (full quote)
  I guess that whould explain why youre not wearing any...hats. (full quote)
  Honk If You Love Sunshine! Honk If You Love Rainbows! Honk If You Love Pussy Cats! (full quote)
  1:Lets go be girls! This room is for doing girl stuff! No guyz aloud! Josie come sit here. (takes a plate and 1 chip) Uh! Im such a pig! 2: No, no ur not. (servant guy walks in) 1: Isn't he cute? 2: Uh huh, He's cute. 1:Who's up for french braiding!? (full quote)
  1: The kids will get sucked into this one! 2: So will you.. 1: what was that? 2: what? I didn't say anything. Nothing. 1: Yes you did..u said and so will u... 2: Oh, i meant and so will u guys, meaning the teenagers! Just proving my point! 1: Oh Ok. 2: That was close! 1: what was that? 2: I meant that was close to being a very romantic moment between us. 1: Oh, i see. (full quote)
11271 Wyatt: Lisa? Fiona: What'd you call me? Wyatt: Lisa Snyder? Listhping Listha? Fiona: Yesth that'sth what they called me in High Thschool. Wyatt: It's me, Wally. White-Ass Wally. Fiona: White-Ass Wally, ha, the albino kid?! But that's impossible, first of all, he wasn't British. Wyatt: I'm not, I just started talking with an accent one day cause I thought it'd make me cool. Look (takes off wig) Fiona: Look (takes out mouthpiece) (full quote)
11689 Heath Ledger is the new Matt Damon. (full quote)
  Travis:hey Wyatt do you think you could maybe talk to marco about always doin my face. you know in the WHAT video i established the (two finger down) face. and ever since then when you see marco he is doin my face. like on TRl hey carson (does the face) or like on kids choice awards this is ours thanks (does face). and right here on 17 magazine hey little girl. beauty secrets. its my face its MY face. Marco: hey travis am i doin (makes face)your face cause (doin face) God forbid (does face) i do your face (does face) cause its such a good face. wyatt: when we get back to the studio we will have the coreographer give you a new face. ok Marco: to bad ur mama couldnt give ya a good face (full quote)
  person 1: did anyone else get a creepy feeling around fiona person 2: omg right when you said that and i sat down i got this creepy cold feeling goin up my spine person 1: no hun thats just the O (pointing to the O in fiona made out of ice) person 2: (standing up) oooohhh! no u guys i still got that creepy feeling and its not the o (points to the O) (full quote)
  Melodie: o my gosh its carson Carson: o my gosh its melodie (full quote)
  if i wasnt a key player in this whole conspiracy to brainwash the youth of america with pop music, we could totally date. (full quote)
  our studies have shown that bands that have and in the title sell twice as many records as bands that dont. - what about the beatles? or the rolling stones? or the backstreet boys? -alright, yes yes, if you want to count heads, of course, yes. (full quote)
  Hey, did ya'll coordinate before you left the house or did you wear the same thing by accident? (full quote)
  what did Wyatt pull out of his stomach near the end of the movie. (full quote)
  Get you Ass back here with a band I'd love to see her move her ass. (full quote)
  Get you Ass back here with a band I'd love to see her move her ass. (full quote)
  Get you Ass back here with a band I'd love to see her move her ass. (full quote)
  1-Now every time you see Marco he's doing the face! IT'S MY FACE! 2-What? Is this your face? Sorry? It's such a good face. 1-That's it!!! (they start fighting) 3-Djuor means friendship! 4-Thank you Lez. (full quote)
  You know what happens puppies? They get old and they DIE!! (full quote)
  but wouldnt that be cool thought if you could i could be here and in there. (full quote)
  why didnt you come to my show?.....wyatt told me it was cancelled.....that dick! (full quote)
  Alexander: I want a vintage T... and heath ledger (full quote)
  Valerie: Diet Coke's the New Pepsi One. Alexandra: DUN DUN DAAAAA!!! (full quote)
  You should kiss my cellulite free ass for all I've done for you! (full quote)
  Oh my God! It's Mr. MovieFone! How'd you get him to put that on there? (GASPS) You SLEPT with him! (full quote)
  and I could be here! and there! (full quote)
  and I could be here! and there! (full quote)
  If I could go back in time I'd want to meet snoopy (full quote)
  Who's a rock star? Come on say it... I am (full quote)
  OHmy god its carson!!!!OH my god its melinie!!!! (full quote)
  White ass wally! (full quote)
  Abuse the accelarator (full quote)
  the record company has not released any information about the disappearance of de jour but have released this commemorative box set... (full quote)
  I'm alexandra,love the accent i used to summer on the continent fancy a snog........fancy a mint? (full quote)
  No guys its still there....its not the O (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and when the going gets tough Person 2: the tough make lemonade! (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut Orange is the new pink! (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut These walls are mushy! (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut If I could go back in time, I'd meet Snoopy. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut Diet Coke is the new Pepsi One. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut If I wasn't a key player in this whole subliminal message thing, we could totally date! (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut That's Mr. Moviefone. He does all our subliminal messages. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut I don't understand why they let you come. Person 2: Because I was in the comic book. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut Put the chevy to the levy. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut Oh my god, I'm a trend pimp! (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut Gatorade is the new Snapple. (full quote)
PistachioMcHazelnut It's Alan M. Person 2: what's with the inital anyway? It didn't work for Sheila E and it doesn't work for you. (full quote)
6199 1-Unlike you people, I am prefectly happy with how I am! (Walks in) 2-Holy shit, that girls got a skunk on her head. Oh, it's her hair, but that's messed up! (full quote)
6199 1-Josie, did I bust the carborator? Did I break the allternator? Feel free to jump in any time now? 2-Abuse the accelerator. 1-That's good (full quote)
12501 Travis:Hey that guy out there looks just like wyat Marco:Oh yeah is he doing like this?Or like this? (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Does it seem strange to anyone else that all this happened in a week? (full quote)
ThaGataNegra I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves everyone. (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Seriously--she told me! (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Alright! I'll play.... (full quote)
ThaGataNegra what, it sucked? (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Pack up your bass. (full quote)
ThaGataNegra I love you, too! I always have!! (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Oh-- I'LL help! Yeh, right--like I'm gonna let you spoil everything! (full quote)
ThaGataNegra They're selling US through our music! (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Scratch that-- we still po'. (full quote)
ThaGataNegra I guess I won't be needing this anymore. (full quote)
ThaGataNegra Or TLC with two white chicks... or Hole! (full quote)
ThaGataNegra I'd like to see her move her ass-- (full quote)
ThaGataNegra (laughing) That's perfect.... (full quote)
ThaGataNegra It's the man with the pizza... the kind that's good to eatzza... (full quote)
14345 1)We're special. 2)Yeah, special ed! (full quote)
14477 Why don't you go join your friends dopy and mopy over there? (full quote)
14477 YOU SLEPT WITH HIM! (full quote)
14477 yea I know like the way he folded his napkin like he's afraid he doens't have any real friends? (full quote)
14689 o mi god it's de jour (full quote)
15209 When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And when the going gets tough - the tough make lemonade! (full quote)
15209 If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (clap clap). (full quote)
17829 what are you going to do? Hit me with the guitar? (full quote)
18851 If I could go back in time, I'd want to meet Snoopy! (full quote)
18851 (eating a bowl of Ramen noodles) People underestimate just how far one package goes. (full quote)
18851 Ooh... they're trying to brainwash us... Diet Coke is the new Pepsi one! (full quote)
19580 We heard every word you said, Ms Bitchy McBitch! (full quote)
20073 You SLEPT with him! (full quote)
20073 DuJour means seatbelts! DuJour means crash positions! (full quote)
kunkerdo0dle whose a rock star? (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Oh my god! It's Mr. Moviephone! How'd you get him to put that on there? [GASPS] You slept with him! (full quote)
25630 Well you better snap out of it red, 'cause you've got a show to put on! (full quote)
29206 If your happy and you know it clap your hands..... (full quote)
32736 Melanie - I want a Big Mac. Valerie - Mal, you're a vegetarian. Melanie - I know. But suddenly I want one. (full quote)
32736 Melanie - Wait a minute. They didn't say they were dead...they just said they were missing. So I say we form a search party and hold a bake sale! (full quote)
32736 Don't worry. If you screw up, we'll just put someone else up there. (Laughs wickedly) (full quote)
32736 They're selling stuff through our music. They're selling US through our music. I'm a trend pimp. Well, it STOPS HERE! I'm NOBODY'S pimp! (full quote)
  Travis:Remember in the What? video I established the (strange face) face? Well everytime you see Marco he's doing the (strange face) face and it's mine. You look at him on TRL, Hi Carson! (strange face), You look at him on the Kid's Choice Awards, This is ours? Thanks! (strange face) And right here on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, Hey little girl, beauty secrets? (strange face)It's my face. (slams magazine) It's my face! Marco: Hey Travis (strange face) Am I, uh, (strange face)doing your face(strange face) because it's (strange face) such a good face! (full quote)
  MMM, good Ramen. Who ever thought that one package of Ramen could go three ways? (full quote)
  its me wally white ass wally (full quote)
  ur such stupid bitches fuck u all nerds fuckers estupido come mierda fuck u jodidos (full quote)
  lets suxck cock my bitches lets go sale our selves for 5 dollars!:P it will be fun so with those five dollars we will buy big macs or buy drugs so we can fuck oursleves to (full quote)
10929 Gatorade is the new Snapple. (full quote)
10929 Three small words. (full quote)
10929 Pretend to be nice. (full quote)
10929 Spin around. (full quote)
10929 You don't see me. (full quote)
10929 You're a star. (full quote)
10929 I wish you well. (full quote)
10929 money - that's what I want. (full quote)
37772 Alexandra: You guys know hes lying. Josie: You know your fly is open..*giggles* Alexandra:You... suck *fake giggle* (full quote)
37772 (Alexandra:)...Nose job (Alexander:) Implants (Alexandra:)Penile...oh! (full quote)