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Say It Isn't So - 2000 Movie Quotes

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7007 She is NOT his sista! (full quote)
7007 She is NOT his sista! (full quote)
7007 I am 1/8 Chippewa Indian, and when you save the life of a Chippewa, it must be paid back ten-fold. (full quote)
7007 what do you mean 'what am I doin' up here'? You ever try jumpin' off a roof with no legs? IT STINGS! (full quote)
7007 You are so sick mentally. (full quote)
12665 You don't have to make me dinner just because I found your cat and you cut off my ear. (full quote)
12665 You have a robot? (full quote)
  Sister-fucker! (full quote)
13497 Hi. I know you from before. You hit me with a lead pipe. (full quote)
13497 PANCAKES! PANCAKES! PANCAKES!... (full quote)
13497 Alright Campeasy, we've got an assignment. (full quote)
13497 Goddamnit!!! That's my leg!!! (full quote)
  Oh my God, the ghost of El Paso. I thought you were dead, Campesi too. (full quote)
  Oh dear lord, you ponied your sister! (full quote)
  You ever come back here we'll tie you to a tree fuck you in the ass while we jerk you off and show you what we really do to perverts (full quote)
23883 1) now can any one tell me why he would want to have sex with someone in his family 2)i had sex with my wife 1) thats not what i mean 2)once or twice a week until she died, then it was 3 or 4 times a week (full quote)
  1) Close the damn door 2) You have a robot? (full quote)
  Do you know what the bible says about fucking your sister DON'T (full quote)
  I'm suprised she hasn't stopped the sausage to become a vaginaterian. (full quote)
  Can we have pancakes tomorrow? (full quote)
  Prevert dial 911 (full quote)
  My baby my precious gift from God (full quote)
  I got my ears pierced because I like it,okay? And I got these pierced because I hate you! (full quote)
  Love may be blind, but it can still smell that money baby! (full quote)