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Welcome to the Dollhouse - 1995 Movie Quotes

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FLaMiNGo Wanna see my fingers? (full quote)
29100 Missy has always been like a sister to me. (full quote)
29100 Dawn: Brandon, I can't be your girlfriend. Brandon: Why not? Dawn: I'm in love with someone else. (full quote)
29100 Dignity. Dignity is an important quality everyone should have.That way you will never grade grub. Grade grubbing is bad 'cause it means you're asking for a grade you shouldn't get 'cause if you got it, it wouldn't be fair to everyone else in the class who didn't grade grub. It doesn't matter whether you're a girl or boy, man or child, rich or poor, fat or think. You-you should never be a grade grubber. Therefore, dignity is a quality everyone should have. (full quote)
29100 You think you're hot shit, but you're really just cold diarrhea. (full quote)
29100 I would have kept going, but I spranged my finger yesterday. (full quote)
29100 Lolita: You didn't come in here to wash your hands. Dawn: Yes I did. Lolita: You came in here to take a shit. Dawn: No, really. I don't have to go. My hands were just dirty, that's all. Lolita: Liar. I can smell you from here. (full quote)
29100 Dawn: Why do you hate me? Lolita: Because you're ugly. (full quote)
29100 Dawn: I was fighting back. Mom: Whoever told you to fight back? (full quote)
29100 Were you playing with my dolls? (full quote)
29100 Dawn: Do you think about girls? Mark: What, are you kidding? I want to get into a good school. My future's like, important. (full quote)
29100 Mark: Yeah, well, Steve is horny. Dawn: Really? How horny? Mark: Like, he'd go out with anyone as long as it was a girl and willing. Dawn: Willing to do what exactly? Mark: Go all the way. Dawn: You mean...have intercourse? Mark: Duh. (full quote)
29100 We finger fucked, once, last spring. (full quote)
29100 Barry, why don't you play an A for Steve. (full quote)
29100 You better get ready, because at 3:00, I'm gonna rape you. (full quote)
29100 But that's the Special People Club! (full quote)
29100 brandon: Why do you hang out with that faggot? Dawn: Ralphie? brandon: Yeah. Dawn: Just because he's a faggot doesn't mean he's in asshole. (full quote)
  brandon, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a cunt! (full quote)
37843 I suck, I'm a girl, I have ribbons in my hair, and I want to kiss all the boys. (full quote)
37956 your club is for retards. (full quote)
10929 But I don't want to go to Disney World. (full quote)
  It's not that,he dropped out of school and left town.He wants to try making it in New york as the next Jim Morrison. (full quote)
  Cookie:Hi,Dawn.Sorry to bother you,but we were just wondering,are you a lesbian.Dawn:No.Lolita:Liar.She made a pass at me. (full quote)
  Dawn:Are you alright,Troy? Troy:Leave me alone,Wienerdog. (full quote)
  Tough,I quit.And you can tell your shit-faced brother that I'd rather fail computer science than get any more help from him. (full quote)
  DROP DEAD LESBO!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  Mark:Hey Steve,I think your singing was a little flat that time.Barry,why don't you play an A for Steve.(Barry plays an A)Mark:You got that Steve?Steve:Fuck this shit. (full quote)
  Man,if I were you faggot,I'd be shitting my pants.Cause when you go to jr.high,man,I'm gonna smash that little fairy face of yours into a mushy pulp. (full quote)
  Hey ugly (full quote)
  Hey ugly...oh hi (full quote)
  Don't bullshit me you piece of ugly fuck! (full quote)
  what's the matter,ugly?You like faggots? (full quote)
  brandon:Why did you hurry off like that? Dawn:I was in a rush. brandon:The fuck you were.Dawn:Really..brandon(cuts her off):Tomorrow.Same time.Same place.You get raped.Be there. (full quote)
  Yeah, well Steve is horny. (full quote)
43571 You think you're hot shit, but you're really just cold diarhhea. (full quote)
eyesore 3:00, you get raped. (full quote)
varla brandon: Wanna smoke first? Dawn: No thanks brandon: Afraid? Dawn: I just don't feel like it....but I think marijuana should be legalized. brandon: Why do always have to be such a cunt? Dawn: I'm sorry. brandon, I don't mean to be a cunt. (full quote)
varla Dawn: Brandon, are you still going to rape me? Brandon: What time is it? Dawn: I don't know, but I guess I don't have to be home yet. Brandon: Naw, there's not enough time. Dawn: Thanks, Brandon. (full quote)