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Muppet Movie, The - 1979 Movie Quotes

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  A bear in it's natural habitat-A Studabaker (full quote)
4473 1)turn left at the fork in the road 2) i don't believe that (full quote)
6969 1:No! That's a myth. A myth! Myth! 2:Yes? 1:Running gag. (full quote)
3605 1) I've lost my direction! 2) Have you tried Hare Krishna? (full quote)
11421 A bear in his own habitat, A studebaker (full quote)
13226 We am is are and be they whom as are known as the Electric Mayhem! (full quote)
13226 Sparkling Muscatel. One of the finest wines of Idaho. (full quote)
16721 1. Bear left. 2. Right frog. (full quote)
2736 Ah, a bear and a frog in his natural habitat....a studebaker. (full quote)
2736 good grief, it's a running gag. (full quote)
2736 Here you go...a honeycomb for the bear and a dragonfly ripple for the frog. (full quote)
  I was almost gone with the shwin, kermit the frog (full quote)
15363 It's not often you see a guy that green have the blues so bad. (full quote)
22445 I'm moving right along/ footloose and fancy free/ I'm ready for the big time is it ready for me? (full quote)
22445 If this movie isn't good I won't be able to live with myself! 2: You'll have to get a separate apartment then wont you? (full quote)
26126 1:Show 'em what you can do, Animal! 2:Eat drums! Eat drums! 1:No, No, Animal, BEAT drums, BEAT drums! (full quote)
  Maybe some day when you're rich and famous, we'll show up and exploit your wealth. (full quote)
Marvin Acme They don't look like Presbyterians to me. (full quote)
Marvin Acme That's pretty dangerous building a road in the middle of the street. I mean, if frogs couldn't hop I'd be gone with the Schwinn. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1-I've to catch a plane. #2-With that tongue? No way. (full quote)
  Agent; I have to catch a plane Kermit; With that tongue? No way! (full quote)
  Kermit: Bear Left. Fozzie: Right frog! (full quote)
33145 I didn't promise anybody anything. what do I know about Hollywood anyway? Just the dreams I got from sitting through too many double-features. Then why did you leave the swamp in the first place? 'Cause some agent fella said I had talent. Hm. He probably says that to everybody. On the other hand, if you hadn't left the swamp, you'd be feeling pretty miserable anyhow. Yeah, but then it would just be me feelin' miserable. Now I got a lady pig, and a bear and a chicken, a dog, a thing -- whatever Gonzo is. He's a little like a turkey. Yeah, a little like a turkey. But not much. No, I guess not. Anyhow, I brought 'em all out here into the middle of nowhere. It's all my fault. Still...whether you promised them something or not, you gotta remember they wanted to come. But that's because they believed in me. No, they believed in the dream. Well, so do I, but-- You do? Yeah! Of course I do. Well then? Well, then...I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me. (full quote)
33145 1: I don't know how to thank you guys 2: I don't know WHY to thank you guys (full quote)
33145 Darn, I missed. You know, that's the first thing to go on a frog? The tongue. The tongue goes and you can't catch flies. (full quote)
33145 1: Where did you learn to drive? 2: Oh, I took a correspondence course. (full quote)
33145 1: I'm going to Bombay, India, to become a movie star! 2: You don't go to Bombay to become a movie star. You go where we're going: Hollywood! 1: Sure, if you want to do it the easy way! (full quote)
33145 1: OK, we've been going along this black line, then we crossed this red line. 2: Why don't we take that blue line? 1: We can't take that, that's a river. (full quote)
33145 This looks familiar, vaguely familiar / Almost unreal, yet, it's too soon to feel yet / Close to my soul, and yet so far away / I'm going to go back there someday. (full quote)
  girl to kermit:Buy me a dwink sailor? kermit: but i'm not a sailor i'm a frog... sailor: hey are you hitting on my girl? girl: yeth he touched me! sailor: Go wash, you'll get warts! Kermit:NO! thats a myth sailor: yeah but thats my myth Kermit: NO! MYTH MYTH!!! girl2: yeth? (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1-I've got to catch a plane. #2-With that tongue? No way. (full quote)
10929 Rainbow Connection. (full quote)
  she's gone,she gave me a pen (full quote)
36996 1)And what in the name of Fats Waller is that? 2)It's a 4-foot prune! 3)A 4-foot prune. (full quote)
36996 Would you consider a bear in a frog suit? (full quote)
36996 This is indeed a problem for us to probosculate on. (full quote)
  Why are there so many songs about rainbows? And what's on the other side? Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, and rainbows have nothing to hide. (full quote)
Marvin Acme 'World Wide Studios announces open auditions for frogs... wishing to become rich and famous. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Did you say Hollywood? #2- Read my lips-- Hollywood. You know-- Hollywood The dream factory. The magic store. Hey. don't you ever go to the movies? #1- Sure. there's a double feature in town every Saturday. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- That the toughest. meanest. filthiest pest hole on the face of the Earth! #2- Why not complain to the owner? #1- I am the owner. (full quote)
Marvin Acme Would you consider a bear in a frog suit? (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Can I give you a word of advice? #2- What? #1- Why not take both? #2- What a wild idea! #1- Yeah. a beautiful chicken like that deserves two balloons. #2- You're right. #1- I have guys in all the time. Sometimes they get a bunch of balloons for their girls. They go gaga for it. (full quote)