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Weekend at Bernie's - 1989 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4294 manos de piedros eh?? -fists of steel- (full quote)
4294 no one is going to have a sex change operation (full quote)
5218 This is rich-- where is our host? (full quote)
5218 Surf, sand, moonlight-- ever see Here to Eternity, Rich? (full quote)
4049 what kind of guest invites you to his house and dies on you? (full quote)
5218 Boats don't have brakes, Captain. You have to throw the anchor. (full quote)
  Hi,.. I'm Larry. Fuck-off, Larry. (full quote)
  1.) That's fine Monroe- why don't you lay-out my good suit for tommorow.. 2.) How bout I lay YOU out? 3.) Very well. (full quote)
  1.) Where's Bernie? (2.) Oh, Bernie...He went for more daquiri mix-(1.) NO HE DIDN'T!! (full quote)
6650 And, how am I supposed to get back to the city, he promised me a ride? (full quote)
6650 #1. OH MY GOD! #2 what? #1. He lost my sunglasses! (full quote)
6650 KISS MY ASS! WHAT KIND OF home TRAINING IS THAT? (full quote)
  Scram Get Loat You Little Bastard But {BLEEP} (full quote) the atlantic ocean...with a dead body....i think i'm getting sea legs lar! (full quote)
  This guy gets more dead than I do alive (full quote)
14677 And how am I gonna get back to the city, he promised me a ride (full quote)
14677 We'll all go back to the house, we'll all get the keys, we'll all stay with Bernie, k? (full quote)
  Hi.........(lights cigarette).....Im Larry. Fuck off, Larry. (full quote)
16680 1)Mornin'! 2) What time is it? 1) It's uh.. 11:30 2) 11:30!? You let me sleep till 11:30!? I have.... when did you get a Rolex? 2) um.. umm.. 1) Oh my god.. 2) He didn't need it anymore! 1) That's it.. I'm calling the cops 2) Yeah well I wanted to call them yesterday my friend! (full quote)
16680 1) It was bad enough the man was trying to kill me but now he's turning me into a drag queen! 2)Larry, it doesn't matter. 1) Oh yes it does Richard I have a reputation to protect here! 2)For Christ Sake's Larry! NO one is going to *HAVE* a sex change operation, huh?! 1) Oh yeaah... I gotta call the cops! (full quote)
18441 Larry-Think it's safe enough to go into the water? Richard-Ahh, better just ate. You might get cramps. (full quote)
18441 Larry - This sucks! I am so unhappy. We should be at a real beach... Richard - There are no real beaches. Well we could go to Jones Beach and float aroud in the hospital waste. How bout Coney Island, so we can watch the fish disintegrate in front of our eyes. (full quote)
18441 1-See Larr. All this can be yours if you set your goals, and work hard... 2-My old man worked hard and all they did was give him more work! (full quote)
18441 Larry- Say this..'Ya know what would look good on you?' Me.. Richard- couldn't say that! Larry- Richard, that's a very good line! (full quote)
18441 Nice outfit. Looked even better crumpled up on my floor in the morning (full quote)
18441 Richard - Since when have you had a Rolex? Larry - Ahh, he didn't need them any more! (full quote)
18441 Richard - We need to call the cops Larry - I wanted to call them yesterday my friend! (full quote)
18441 Looks like someone tried to smoke it passed the wrong guy (full quote)
18441 He'd want this! I mean he'd really, really want this... (full quote)
  Vito: Forget the accident with the two guys. Take care of Lomax. He's getting too careless. He's a greed. Besides, screwing my girlfriends... (full quote)
  Vito: Forget the accident with the two guys. Take care of Lomax. He's getting too careless. He's a greed. Besides, screwing my girlfriends... (full quote)
24986 Hi Toni...I'm Horny... (full quote)
24986 aunt is very sick (full quote)
24986 1) Hello? 2) Yes, I need the police! 3) you mean, Ed? He's out on the beach 4) Well when do you expect Ed back because this is an emergency. 5) I dunno...would you like to leave a message? 6) Yes, help! (full quote)
24986 1) I'm telling you Lomax is alive! She was with him at least half an the bedroom. 2) The bedroom?! DOING what?! 3) I rather not say... 4) what the hell happened with Paulie?! (full quote)
24986 Hey Mister...can I bury you? GRRREAT! (full quote)
24986 1) THIS IS A HOLD-UP! GIVE ME YOUR wallET! 2) Oh get out of the's too hot. (full quote)
24986 1) You're half an hour late. 2) only half an hour? I'm usually forty five minutes late. I'm early today. (full quote)
24986 1) Give me all your money and your wallets!!! 2) Aw, get your ass outta here, it's too hot! (full quote)
24986 Why don't we pretend he didn't die? Just for a bit! (full quote)
  This boat isn't's docking (full quote)
  (1) You have to kill them, Vito. (2)Let me explain something to you. We don't do that anymore. We're a corporation now, we're in the market. We invest in real estate, car rentals, parking lots. (full quote)
  rich-excuse me father can you tell me where mr. lomax lives? father- bless you my son (full quote)
  Greetings from Shell Beach (full quote)
  Forget the accident with the two guys. Take care of Lomax. He's gettin' too careless. He's a greed. (full quote)
  (The bratty kid with a gun uses his middle finger to flip Lar and Rich off.) Larry: You little bastard! Bratty Kid: Ahh! Larry: Get back here you little monster! Richard: Never mind him! Larry: I'm gonna rip your gums out! I'm gonna get that little kid! (full quote)
  Marty: This is the raspberry vinagrette. Should Paulie talk to the chef? Vito: Shit. Yuck. This shit. Goddamn raspberry vinagrette. Yuck! Damn! (full quote)
  My old man worked hard everyday all they did was give him more work. (full quote)
18441 1-it was kinda funny seeing your father in his underwear and everything. 2-so.. you do forgive me? 1-no, but it was kinda funny. (full quote)
18441 good god it's a Lichtenstein! ...not the piano, the painting! (full quote)
18441 sorry, gotta go.. duty calls. (full quote)
18441 Richard worked on that part sir! (full quote)
18441 Why couldn't he say you're gonna have a sex change operation.. i have a reputation to protect here! (full quote)
18441 I'm a little rusty, but it'll come back to me (full quote)
18441 Get your ass outta here, it's too hot.. (full quote)
18441 1- your a half an hour late.... 2- half hour? i'm usually 45 minutes late. i'm early today! (full quote)
24986 1) Jeez, that man is still after us! 2) Do you think it's the killer? 1) I know don't know Richard. Maybe I should stop and ask him. 2) No! Just go! Just drive! (full quote)
24986 1) Jeez, that man is still after us! 2) Do you think it's the killer? 1) I don't know Richard. Maybe I should stop and ask him. 2) No! Just go! Just drive! (full quote)
24986 1) The man gets laid dead more than I do alive 2) She couldn't have...HE couldn't have. 1) I get yelled at just laying there. (full quote)
24986 1) Tell me you got an idea! 2) I have an idead! Whoever Bernie was talking to on the phone told them not to kill us when he's around, right? 1) Yeah, but Bernie is dead he's not 'around' anymore. 2) Yeah, I know that...YOU know that...NOBODY else knows that. Ah! (full quote)
24986 1) I won. I have a date. 2) AWESOME! 1) Gwen and I. Seven thirty. Friday night. 2) You're gonna have to borrow my apartment. 1), but thank you. Really. 2) It's the cockroaches, isn't it? 1) No...I just can't do that to you, Larry. 2) They scatter when you turn the lights on! (full quote)
24986 I guess Paulie is a little rustier than we thought! (full quote)
24986 I'm his woman! And I'll kill him if he's cheatin' on me! (full quote)
24986 Larry, Lomax is dead. (full quote)
24986 1) I have six roomates and they're all at home doing their hairs right now. 2) That's a lot of hair. (full quote)
24986 Actually...a plane fell..on the train.. (full quote)
24986 That's butler! (full quote)
24986 Is the cockroaches, isn't it? (full quote)
24986 call me Bernie. I mean, my father was Mr. Lomax, right...hahahahaha! (full quote)
24986 Bernie, I give problems, I don't get problems. (full quote)
24986 1) That's his woman 2) I guess so... (full quote)
24986 We have to kill em', Veto. (full quote)
24986 1) where the hell is he? 2) In the bedroom 3) Is that so...? Well, he better be alone. (full quote)
24986 Let's make it a murder-suicide. Okay, gentlemen? (full quote)
24986 I didn't see anything! I was looking at my watch! (full quote)
24986 Richard! There's a man in your his underwear! (full quote)
24986 I loved that man! And he loved me. I'm sure he loved you. (full quote)
24986 I'm blind... (full quote)
29029 That's illegal. what you're doing is illegal. (full quote)